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Naked 100 eJuice



Space Case 4 pc Medium Grinder

Naked 100 eJuice, manufactured by Schwartz E-Liquids, delivers new and exciting flavors from across the spectrum. Whether you prefer a fruity smoothy ejuice, a cool menthol flavor or a classic Tobacco Ejuice, Naked 100 E juice has a flavor for you. Indulge on delicious natural fruit flavors like Lava Flow, Amazing Mango, Green Blast or Hawaiian POG. For a smooth menthol Eliquid, Naked 100 offers popular fruity smoothy flavors blended with a minty menthol like Very Cool, Very Berry and Frostbite. Naked Eliquid’s latest collection is a tobacco line with different tobacco flavors like the Euro Gold, a lite cigarette flavor, Cuban Blend a cigar flavor and American Cowboy for the classic flavor of a red pack of cigarettes. All three premium lines are handcrafted to perfection. All Naked 100 Ejuices are available in 60ml bottles in 0, 3, 6, and 12mgs.

                                             CANDY FLAVOR

Yummy Gum (Candy) - Yummy Gum by Naked 100 E-liquid tastes like strawberry bubble gum with sweet and juicy strawberry flavor, touched with the smoothness of bubble gum.

Berry Belts (Candy) - Berry Belts by Naked 100 E-liquid tastes like a strawberry sourbelt, infused with a touch of citrus, and dusted with sweet and sour sugar.

Sour Sweet (Candy) - Sour Sweet by Naked 100 E-liquid tastes like a refreshing lime-infused soft candy covered in a blend of sweet and sour sugar.

                                        MENTHOL FLAVOR

Very Berry - Very Berry combines the refreshing taste of sweet blueberries, the rich taste of blackberry, and a small tangy zest of lemon.

Very Cool - Very Cool by Naked 100 E-liquid blends raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and menthol for a tangy and cool vape.

Brain Freeze - Brain Freeze by Naked 100 E-liquid couples kiwi and pomegranate for a delightfully fruity base and then adds menthol for a cool, refreshing finish.

Frost Bite - Frost Bite by Naked 100 E-liquid combines cantaloupe, honeydew, and menthol for a cool and fruity experience.

                                                      FRUIT FLAVOR

All Melon - All Melon by Naked 100 E-Liquid combines the sweet and juicy taste of watermelon, the smooth and crispiness of honeydew, and the tangy and sweetness of cantaloupe. All three melons are perfectly mixed for a melon lover’s dream.

Green Blast - Green Blast by Naked 100 E-liquid features a unique blend of honeydews, kiwis, and granny smith apples.

Amazing Mango - Amazing Mango by Naked 100 E-liquid tastes like a Mango smoothie featuring a blend of mangoes, peaches, and cream.

Lava Flow - Lava Flow by Naked 100 E-liquid features a deliciously sweet combination of fresh strawberries, coconut, and pineapple.

Hawaiian Pog - Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 E-liquid tastes like a tropical blend of passion fruit, orage, and guava.

Naked 100 eJuice